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How Property Managers Benefit From Junk Removal Services

As a property manager, when a tenant vacates from a rental, one of your first thoughts is to think how long it will be before you find another tenant. You know the sooner you can find a replacement, the better for your bottom line. Rental properties don’t generate income when vacant, but your expenses don’t stop because there is no tenant in the home.

The second thing you might wonder is how dirty or clean the former tenant vacated the home. Two things you probably do when accepting new tenants into your property are screening the renters and collecting a security deposit in case they damage or mess up the rental. But despite this, a lot of tenants will not behave as you hoped they would.

Some tenants are slobs who will leave the rental in a complete mess. Others are good people who failed to estimate the size of their moving truck. Such tenants may not mess the home, but they will still leave their stuff behind. Another scenario where tenants will leave things behind is when you evict them from the property.

In the examples above, your rental may become junked-up because tenants fail to remove their stuff or clean the home before moving out. But these are not the only ways you can find yourself dealing with junk in a rental property. You could also have a messed-up home in the following situations;

During renovations: Even the slightest renovation project can generate more junk than you expect. But the last thing you want when doing renovations is to also do junk removal by yourself. Moreover, some of the junk generated by a renovation can be hazardous.

Improving the landscaping: Waste generated by a landscaping project can also be a problem. The junk may get in the way of the work, or it can upset the neighbors. Once again, you may not have the time, desire, or expertise to remove the junk. Furthermore, yard waste is not always green waste, especially when tearing up an old driveway, gazebo, or pool.

Why speedy junk removal is important

In every case where you have to remove junk from a rental property, how you do it matters. Your ability to quickly find a new tenant for a recently vacated rental does not entirely depend on your marketing and advertising. It also depends on how efficient you are at removing junk.

To get rid of junk in a rental, you will have to choose between spending time on junk removal and giving that time to your business. When you decide to remove the trash yourself, you do so at the cost of lost opportunities to you and the job.

But hiring a junk removal company to remove the mess will benefit your business in the following ways:

1. Save time

If you can have the rental clean and ready in 24 hours, you can start showing it to potential tenants and possibly have it rented within a week. Keeping vacancy periods as short as possible is essential to maximizing profits. A junk removal company can help you clean the home the same day it becomes vacant. They can make it ready in less than 24 hours.

2. Avoid damage

A common problem when removing junk is that you may inflict damages on the home. This often results when someone drags heavy items across the floors, scratching them. They can also leave bumps, dents, and holes in walls, doors, or door edges. If this is allowed to happen, you will be dealing with lost time and the cost of fixing the home. A professional junk removal company will protect the home when removing junk.

1. Prevent injury

Injuries are commonplace when moving junk. For home renovation and landscaping projects, the usual sources of damage are sharp or pointed objects which litter the area. Heavy objects also pose a risk of back injuries and sprains. Hiring junk removers will protect you from personal wounds and liability that may result when you hire non-professionals.

2. Dealing with hazardous waste

Unless you have the permits, several municipalities will not let you dump waste in a landfill. This is to ensure that certain kinds of trash are disposed of as they should be. Additionally, refuse disposal companies will not accept materials deemed as hazardous. But junk removers have the expertise and required permits to deal with all kinds of dangerous materials.

3. You can fill vacancies quickly

Instead of forcing your work to wait while cleaning up the home, you can get on with marketing and advertising the house while the junk removers do their work. That can help you get a new tenant into the home as quickly as possible. Being able to rent the home sooner is good for you and the owner of the property.


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