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Why Hiring Gun Safe Movers Is a Good Idea

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Over the years, people amass several heavy items in their homes. These may include pianos, big aquariums, gun safes, etc. For those who value guns and safety, a gun safe is an essential commodity. However, the weight and size of the safe make it problematic to move or transport them safely.

Several accidents may occur following the move of heavy items such as the gun safe. You may sustain injuries and damage the safe or house during the process. Whether you’re moving to a new home or business location, you’ve got a lot to deal with. To make this transition easier for you SGI Management recommends you to hire gun safe movers who have the experience on how to perform the job.

Moving a gun safe is not like any other item in the home. There are specific tasks that the movers will carry out to ease the stress. In this article, you will discover why hiring gun safe movers is a good idea.

1. Gun safe movers will figure out the dimensions of your safe

Before gun safe movers transport your safe, they will check the dimensions and weight. Doing this is essential for various reasons. It will prevent you from getting to the new location only to discover that your gun safe cannot fit through the doorways or hallways.

The dimensions will also help the movers know the best route to follow. Since most gun safes are made from heavy steel, they are heavy to lift. Knowing the weight will help your moving company decide how many people they will deploy to perform the task. It is also an opportunity for owners of gun safes to know the dimensions of their safes.

Once you tell the movers the brand and model of your gun safe, they will be able to identify the dimensions. We do not advise owners to try weighing their gun safe as this may lead to injuries or damages.

2. The movers have their own unique tools and equipment

Because gun safes are heavy, carrying them with your bare hands may be near impossible. If you succeed in doing so, you may sustain injuries or damage the safe or house. Gun safe movers are aware of the difficulties involved in the process. For that reason, they deploy tools to ease the task and prevent damages.

Sometimes, you may need to move the safe through unconventional routes like the windows or difficult paths like staircases. Movers have specific tools for all these. Some include stair climbing dolly, heavy-duty appliance dolly, pallet jacks, supporting straps, ropes, tapes, blankets, Masonite, and gloves. Reputable moving companies have state-of-the-art tools to ensure that you move your safe to the new location without issues.

3. They plan how to execute the move

Moving a gun safe is a difficult job that requires planning. If you make mistakes, the task can become hectic. Gun safe movers will inspect the new location that you intend to put the safe. That is because different sites have specific approaches. The method you use to move a gun safe into a high-rise apartment differs from how you will transport it into a bungalow. If there are tight corners, small hallways, or steep staircases, your movers will plan on how to maneuver it with ease.

Part of the plan involves deciding on the best route to use when moving your safe. They may also advise on the best spot to situate the gun safe in the new home.

4. Gun safe movers will prepare your safe for the move

Before you move a gun safe, there are specific preparations. Remember that your safe has been in one location for some time. It is common that it will gather dust and dirt. You do not just move it with the dust. That is because you will have a poor grasp on the safe. It may slip off and damage the floor.

Gun safe movers will clean off all the dirt from your safe. Also, they will empty the gun safe before moving it. It involves removing all the attachments, drawers, shelves, and contents. It is not advisable to transport your gun safe with the guns inside it. Doing so may lead to significant damages to the guns.

If your gun safe is very heavy, the preparation may entail removing the gun safe’s door and handle. That is because the doors of gun safes are the heftiest part. Removing this part makes the safe easier to carry. You don’t need to worry about this because the movers are experts in gun safes. They will fix the safe’s door once they transport it to the new location.

In a nutshell

Hiring gun safe movers is a good idea as they apply extra caution while moving your safe. They will shield your safe with a protective covering and secure it. After the move, you will not have to budget for repairs.

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